The Eternal Good Friday

As our grand cathedrals burn to the ground

leaving only the cross of Christ to stand,

as our coastlands are washed away in torrents

and our cities crumble under wasted lives and deep divisions,

Christ Jesus hangs in an eternal sacrifice for any one

willing to accept Him as Savior.

On this side of eternity we cannot see

the value of a single soul who chooses to accept

His free gift of eternal life.

The eternal Good Friday reaches out to us today

with the horror of the only innocent son of man hanging on a cross

of unfathomable pain and suffering.

God chose and His Son Jesus chose

to come here to earth to save each one of us

knowing most of us would reject that sacrifice

as merely ridiculous, and throw away our only hope

of making it out of here alive.

But He came and suffered and died

for the one who would choose to accept her need

for a Savior to bring her back home,

knowing she had no other way.

But glorious mystery of wonder

that no one can fully explain:

that choice awaits each of us in our eternal soul–

accept salvation or live on your own.

You have the choice to believe you have found another way

because He values the one who chooses Him

above all.

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