The Way Back

It begins with knowing that we are lost on our own. Because I accept that God created me, it is easy to see how often I have run away from Him thinking that going my own way is better. When I run away from God, I lose His protection. He still sees me and loves me even as I rebel and act hatefully to Him. The truth that never ceases to amaze me, however, is that He is always nearby, just a heart-cry away, anytime I call out to Him.

Through Hosea, our Father shows us the way back to Him. In chapter 14, God pleads with us to simply return to Him. He knows how we have stumbled by taking the wrong path–any path leading away from Him. And what He desperately wants us to know is that which path we are on or how far away from Him we have fled DOES NOT MATTER.

We don’t have to clean ourselves up before coming to Him, and the truth is that we cannot clean ourselves up anyway. To God, who loves us because He created us in His image, the first step away from Him is as wrong and sorrowful as the step we take today, even if it has been years or decades since we tried to get back to Him. So please, don’t even try to clean yourself up before coming to Him. His grace will begin to clean and restore us the second we turn back to Him.

The way back begins with our words. Just begin telling Him what you know in your heart, whatever you know you have done wrong. Start with the first thought that comes to your mind. Tell your Father, who already knows, where you are and how you got there. In telling Him, using whatever words you have to explain it, He will show you not only how that has hurt Him, but also, what you have missed by going your own way. When you see what you’ve missed, you will naturally turn toward Him and see His light beckoning you home.

By talking to God honestly and not hiding the truth or trying to justify our mistakes, we can’t help but see that what we have run to cannot save us but has only enslaved us in a dungeon that has shut out His light and love. As we accept that our own ways have only led to destruction, God can begin to heal us and show us His love. His love and mercy, showered on us the moment we turn back to Him are like the dew of the morning awakening our hearts and minds to have hope for a new day. He restores in us the life He meant us to live all along: as beautiful and carefree as the lillies of the field, and as strong and sure as the deepest roots of the tall cedar trees of Lebanon. He makes us flourish like an olive tree so we have more than enough to sustain ourselves and naturally give nourishment to anoint others with the oil He produces in our lives. Our lives, lived under His shadow, close enough that we can see His magnificence towering over us and reaching into eternity, not only shelters us but also gives shade to many others from the burning glare of the world.

When we make that journey, which is actually just one word away, we will be the most amazed person of all. We will exclaim to ourselves, “I don’t need any of these crutches I used to think were all that held me up!” We will know and understand with the deepest clarity, everything we’ve ever dreamed of and longed for is found in Him. Being at home with our Father, close enough to feel His love overshadowing the terrors of this life is where we find our sustenance and joy.

“Who is wise? Let him understand these things. Who is prudent? Let him know them.” Hosea 14:9.

Amen and amen.





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