In the Shadow of the Scroll

Above us still a large scroll casts a shadow, hiding the face of God.

An indictment charging theft and perjury,

taking what is not ours

and declaring what is false in His name.

Charges against a nation and against me.

I have been guilty with many others

of taking credit for accomplishments I never could achieve

without all He’s given me,

and I’ve too often proclaimed God is this and that

only because it suited my purpose at the time,

only to support my justification for doing

what I wanted to do when and how

I wanted to do it.

Since the beginning we’ve all tried to

make God be what we want Him to be.

He created us to have that choice

but never without consequence.

We’re trying again to make a name for ourselves

and build a tower that reaches heaven.

But God won’t allow it now anymore than then.

Unless we’re willing to live under the shadow of His indictment,

we cannot rob Him of glory or say He is who He is not.

Myself, I want to look up

and see where I’ve failed, again,

and cry out for forgiveness, again.

Then, He can bless me

by making His face shine upon me;

warming me with unclouded grace and peace.

Amen and amen.

See Zechariah 5:1-4, Genesis 11:1-9, and Numbers 6:22-27.


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