Can’t Hear Thunder

In my neck of the woods, when someone is hard of hearing, we say they can’t hear thunder.

The day before Jesus went to the cross for us, He devoted much of His time to teaching us what we need to know most: the way, the truth and the life. But as a man, fully human, His soul was troubled, knowing the suffering He faced.

Jesus said, “‘Even though I am torn within, and my soul is in turmoil, I will not ask the Father to rescue me from this hour of trial. For I have come to fulfill my purpose–to offer myself to God. So, Father, bring glory to your name!’ Then suddenly, a booming voice was heard from the sky, ‘I have glorified my name! And I will glorify it through you again!'” John 12:27-28, TPT.

Those nearby were startled by what they heard, some hearing thunder and others thinking an angel spoke to Jesus. Only a few recognized the audible voice of God thundering from heaven.

We have to truly want to hear the truth that is still thundering from heaven. Even then, we often only hear the thunder in the whirlwind. (Psalm 77:18, NKJV) Even God’s most dedicated servants sometimes have to run away from the world to hide in a cave until the raging wind passes, the earth stops quaking, and the fire subsides before we can hear the still, small voice of our God. (1 Kings 19:12) Even then, we may be reluctant to accept God’s calling instead of carrying on with our own plans.

But, if we’re willing to cry out to our Father God, He will hear us and deliver us out of our trouble. He will answer our cries “in the secret place of thunder.” (Psalm 81:7, NKJV, TPT)

For too much of my life, I couldn’t hear thunder. I really didn’t want to hear the truth because I knew it would mess up my plans and my way of thinking. Now, I am trying to quiet my soul enough to hear God’s still, small voice in the midst of the thunder.

Amen and amen.

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