2020 vision

He started out firmly settled on one direction.

He knew without a doubt his way was right, the most righteous

thing to do was to continue doing what he’d always done.

Then he he got the promotion he’d been waiting for.

He was going on to even bigger and better things.

He was on his road to success.

Then Saul saw the light of his Savior

on the road to Damascus.

Jesus’ light struck him down to the ground

and blinded him to everything in the world.

Saul was left in black isolation

until Jesus sent a terrified servant to heal Saul’s blindness.

Like Saul, Ananias did not want to see beyond what he believed,

but they both accepted the truth and did as Jesus said.

The seed of truth accepted into the rock hard clay of unbelief

shattered lifetimes of reliable, familiar notions of what must be true,

what they’d always known to be positively true.

May our current 2020 vision of what must be true,

what we’ve always known to be positively true,

fall away like the scales from Saul’s eyes

if in fact we’re blind to Jesus’ light,

most especially and desperately those of us raised and steeped in certainty of belief

and long traditions of thought or ancient ruins of doctrine that no longer

hold life or water.

Ruin us for life as we’ve always known and cherished it

as we walk our road to Damascus without Jesus.

Strike down our proud hearts set on going our own way

and blind us with the light of your love

so we’ll know the way, the truth and the life

and no longer be only who we think we want to be

but who You’ve truly created us to be.

Amen and amen

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