All Truth

Jesus told us that when He left us

to head back home,

that would be to our advantage.

He was speaking at the time

to His disciples,

but isn’t He still speaking to us?

Jesus knew that as a man,

even one with our Father

and fully God Himself,

He could only do so much.

I don’t understand the transaction

of Jesus going home and sending

us a Helper,

but I absolutely believe.

I can’t say that I know much

about Him, the Spirit of truth,

but I rely on Him.

I know He’s always

here with me,

doing just as Jesus said He would,

guiding me into all truth.

That’s a big topic,

all truth,

maybe even infinite.

Too much for my little pea brain

to comprehend.

As far as I know,

I can know far more

than I can see from

my little window to the world.

Through the Helper,

I know everything

that matters

that glorifies

that convicts

that speaks of things

to come.

God help me

to accept all truth

and send it out

my little window

with love.

Amen and amen.

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