An Old Testament prophet proclaiming a message of doom

turns doom on its head, shakes out its pockets,

and discovers delight in knowing the source of all his gloom.

Jeremiah discovered, surely much to his surprise,

that knowing and understanding God

didn’t leave him cowering in the corner

fearing judgment in lightning bolts of his own demise.

He found out that no matter how wise he was,

he got no glory there.

No matter how strong and mighty,

no matter how popular or rich,

he got nothing to keep him happy or fulfilled.

After a while, he began to understand and know,

the One he was running after,

searching in every crook and cranny for,

found delight that this man would want to know

and understand Him.

A while later, another man named John discovered

eternity in knowing the only true God

and His Son, Jesus, his friend.

Neither of them needed to know anything more.

The One who delights in our search for HIm

gives us eternity in every new discovery of who He might be.

Like a little child laughing at a bug on the ground

we find the joy that lasts forever

just by looking His way;

it’s how we are found.

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