Where I am Today

I am sitting in a small room at our local law school. I am here to serve as a volunteer to listen to students who need someone to talk to. I am a really good listener, even if I too often forget what I just heard. However, I have been here now for over three hours with no students wanting to talk. Guess they’re all doing okay.

It occurs to me that we’ve lost that sweet, irritating closeness of neighborhoods that our grandparents had. Almost no one “neighbors” anymore. We’re all too busy scrolling through people’s photo-lives on social media or just fixated on our own lives. I am not really complaining, only observing.

Maybe you feel as useless as me in this little windowless room with no one stopping by to talk. Or maybe you feel overwhelmed, disoriented by comparing yourself to others and never seeming to make the cut. There’s no remedy to keep us from feeling like we don’t belong except looking for the one we have always belonged to: our Creator. I’m not a preacher, but I know that the mindset of looking for Him when I feel lonely is the only way I’ve ever pulled myself out of that pit.

Maybe you’d like to try looking for Him too. Excellent! He’s everywhere, so wherever you look, He’ll already be there waiting for you. And unlike me, He never forgets what you’ve just said.

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