Deliberate Blindness

The Pharisees met Jesus and saw His miracles

but refused to believe

and instead plotted against Him.

Judas was a chosen disciple

who walked with Jesus.

Too many decide in their hearts

not to accept Jesus as their Savior.

Lord, show me those who don’t want to be saved

so I won’t waste time on them.

Instead, point me to those who are willing,

hungry, desperate, poor,

without hope in themselves

but grasping for straws.

Give me Your word

as a sword to cut through the disbelief

that You could ever save

a wretch like me.

We each receive

condemnation or justification

from our Creator, God,

based on our heart’s response

to the Spirit of God.

So many are willfully, deliberately blind,

totally unwilling to see

Jesus is our Savior.

The most impenetrable darkness

surrounds the one who refuses

to see the light.

In the world today,

we’re building a tower

much higher than Babel;

artificial intelligence

weaving its impervious web

over all but those who choose to see the light.

Just as staring at the sun too long

causes blind spots,

looking only at what we can do for ourselves

too soon leads to eternal blindness,

dead eyes that can no longer see

the glory of God.

Looking inward

to focus exclusively

on our own brilliance

causes our heart to shrink

like a withered orange,

hard, with no more juice left inside,

then like a walnut shell

whose meat is dried to stone

no longer good to eat.

We’re plugged into everything

except the source of life.

Our own batteries

will too soon die,

never to be recharged.

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